The BIG Idea! – Somber Ways

Post Apocalyptic Image

Hello! Adam Allegrucci here and todays post is focused on the creation of my original story “Somber Ways” and where it’s going. I wanted to write about what the inspiration behind the story was and what has been going on since I decided to make this story a short independent film and my goals for it.

The creation of “Somber Ways” really started one day when I was listening to “Memories of the Future” by Antoine Dufour. I really love this song, I feel as if the music takes you out of this world and puts you in a whole different place. Where it take you is completely up to the person but for me I started seeing what would soon become the basis of this story. Though the storyline has changed and morphed since I first created it the essence of it remains the same.

Here is a quick rundown of what the story is about.

There exists a race of demons, not of the human realm. These demons are not bound to only earth but are able to travel from galaxy to galaxy. These immortal beings have the ability to posses the living but must feed in order to gain strength to travel and carry out their evil deeds. They feed on the misery and destruction of civilizations and posses and manipulate important and powerful people in order to create chaos and bring about an apocalypse. They have already destroyed multiple other alien civilizations but have been defeated and captured into multiple relics and hidden across the galaxy and one of these relics was hidden on Earth.

There is a secret society (Order of Beings) of people from everywhere and even different galaxies that have sworn to protect these relics and keep them safe so that these demons can never again be released. They are experts in combat in both the physical and spiritual worlds and have been trained in all of the ways of these beings and how to destroy them.

Our story takes place right here on Earth in a post apocalyptic world created by the release of one of the demons hidden here. With around 10% of the worlds population left and no form of structured law or justice the people left here have to survive any way they can. The only form of currency now are resources like water, food, weapons and even other people. The world is unforgiving and harsh and most people have formed into smaller groups some of which are good but some are not so everyone has to be careful of who they run into and where they are.

Our main character (name is still being determined) will be a man that had his family taken at a young age by the demon unleashed on Earth and was then raised by the Order of Beings. Though most members of the Order of Beings have been raised by the group since birth our main character began his teachings at around 10 years old. Because of the fact he started at a later age he still remembers what it’s like to be a regular boy and has memories of his family and friends that still play a role in his state even today. Fighting his own battles between good and evil he is chosen to take on the task of defeating this demon and bring the world from the darkness.

That was a very brief description of the story and foundation of the world in it but should give you an idea of what it’s about.

So far we have received a lot of support for the making of this film and has really motivated me and the others working on this project. We first began filming scenes in the fall of 2013 and put together a short backstory for the main character that was to be used in the film as a flashback. So once we created this short clip we started looking for places to shoot the beginning of the film and began shooting scenes for that. At this point it was close to Christmas time and the story felt as if we were losing direction so we took some time off. Unfortunately after that we didn’t touch the project again until about the end of April of 2015.

So with this huge time off and people going their separate ways I felt as if I needed to take another look at the storyline and revamp it. So that is exactly what I’ve done. I went back and delved deeper into the story and the story’s world in general to get a good understanding for it. All of this rework has given me a good understanding of how I want the characters to look, behave and interact. Also, I’ve been able to really define the plot of the story and also its theme. The whole process up to this point has been challenging but very fun and now I’m ready to develop the screenplay for the first short film.

My main goal for this film is to get a good following of people behind it and have people be able to relate to the story and characters and ultimately want more. Our goals for production is to begin shooting the new scenes in the next couple weeks with a completion date being close to September or so. This should give us enough time to really get the sets we need and people together to make this first film epic.

I’ll be posting more about the story, our production plans, photos and videos of shoots and much more so keep coming back to stay up to date with the production of this amazing film. You can find more about “Somber Ways” on Facebook and soon YouTube, Twitter and other social websites as we get into the actual production of this thing.


Image by John Goodridge