Get more with a studio that understands that your time is important and is invested in your success.

INVIGOR Animation Studio

Interactive Content

We’ve been creating interactive content for over 10 years now. Educational game development, interactive signage and online game development are just some of the areas that we have helped our clients. Utilizing the latest technology to create the most enriched and engaging interactive content available.

Graphic Design

At the root of what we do is create high quality and targeted designs for our clients. We pride ourselves in our design abilities and we can help any size business with advertising, marketing or branding content. If you need graphics for print, web or outdoor all it takes is one call and it’s done!

2D & 3D Animation

We can create animations for any number of uses. If you need an rendering for a product that you have or want to create, we can do that! If you need an animation for a commercial or the web, we can help with that too. We can even create interactive animations for desktop and mobile devices.

Small Studio, Huge Abilities...


INVIGOR Animation Studio has been around since early 2011. Even though we’re a small studio we still deliver massive value for our clients. If you need a business that cares about you and that can deliver top-quality content you’ve come to the right place. We are located in Abilene, Texas but our clients stretch all over the United States and Internationally. We would love to hear about your development and creative needs so contact us and we will setup an initial consultation.